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Welcome to NA5B WebSDR receiver in Washington DC Area Operated by NA5B, Mehmet - QTH Locator: FM18JS
This receiver covers VLF/LF/MF/HF - 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 25m, 20m, 15m, 11&10m Amateur Bands (Atomic Clock, Data, Lightning, Beacons, AM broadcast & CB).
Current system brief description; Antennas: Active Mini Whip - Multiband Dipole & Cuschcraft R-7 Server: 64 Bit Linux (Debian) with fiberoptic gigabit connection.
RTL-SDR dongles and homebrew upconverter, bandpass filters. For VHF-UHF SDR click here:    0 - 30MHz coverage: NA5B KiwiSDR
For more info about the WebSDR: Other SDR's: UTAH UT - KFS CA - K3FEF PA - NY4Q GA - N4DKD AL - W7RNA AZ - Maui, HI

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m V vmute, volume up/down
t TVFOs: toggle A/B, set A=B

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FILTER:  ?kHz @ 0dB; ?kHz @ -6dB; ?kHz @ -60dB. [? / ?]
PassBand Tuning (PBT) Control:


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Solar Activity Monitor:

Solar X-rays:  
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Sig?dBm PK?dBm N?dB SNR?dB
Mute Squelch Auto-notch Notch-2
Audio out: Left Both Right
Noise Reduction: OffMax High-Boost

GAIN CONTROL: automatic manual

E-Field @ Washington DC Area (VLF 0-20kHz)

Signal strength plot:
Logbook:    Call of station that you hear: Comments, if any:
Note: time, frequency, your name/call, and DXCC information are added automatically. View the last 20 lines of the logbook, or the entire logbook (ctrl-click for new tab/window).

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Chatbox:    This chatbox is intended to discuss the operation of the WebSDR and about the signals received with it.
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